Terms and conditions

Effective from (September 2018)

  1. These Terms and Conditions set out the eligibility criteria to become an Evoenergy Power Panel Member and redeem a Reward.
  2. The Evoenergy Power Panel (Power Panel) is to be conducted by ActewAGL Distribution ABN 70 670 568 688 a partnership of Icon Distribution Investments Ltd ABN 83 073 025 224 and Jemena Networks (ACT) Pty Ltd ABN 24 008 552 553 (Evoenergy/we/our/us).
  3. You only qualify to become an Evoenergy Power Panel Member if you meet these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Our Power Panel is a research panel whereby surveys will be periodically uploaded onto the website evoenergypanel.com.au (the panel website) and the selected Members will be notified by email to undertake the current survey which will be stored in their Members Account.

How to become an Evoenergy Power Panel member

  1. You must be an Evoenergy customer to sign up as a Member.
  2. At any one time you may only have one active Evoenergy Power Panel account.
  3. You may not sign up for any other member of your family or friend or any other person.
  4. Employees of ActewAGL Retail or ActewAGL Distribution are ineligible to become a Power Panel Member.
  5. You must provide a current email address for the email notification of the survey and redemption of the Reward. Failure to provide a current email address will exclude you from participating in any given survey. You must keep your email address up to date in your Members Account.
  6. You must be over 18 years of age to sign up as a Member.
  7. You are required to fill in your details located on the panel website under the 'sign up' tab and complete the 'Getting to know you' survey emailed to you once your online signup is completed. This includes but is not limited to the following information:

Full name, suburb, email address, mobile phone number, age, sex, household income bracket, education level, marital status, hobbies/interests, employment status, employment type, housing situation (owner, renter), number of people living in your household, years lived in the ACT, ACT resident (Y/N), number of years lived in Canberra and attitudes towards Evoenergy.

  1. Upon successful completion of the 'sign up' process, you will be allocated a Members Account with unique login details. An email will be sent to your registered email address confirming your registration. Incompletion of the sign up process will mean that the customer does not qualify for Membership.
  2. Membership 'sign ups' that do not comply with these Terms and Conditions may be deemed invalid at our sole discretion.

Notification of surveys to be completed by you as an Evoenergy Power Panel Member

  1. You will be notified by email that a survey is waiting in your Members Account to be completed by you. The email will set out any additional requirements to be fulfilled by you. You must complete the survey in its entirety within the specified time period for that survey.
  2. We may at our absolute discretion limit the number of Members from undertaking a given survey.
  3. We may also at our absolute discretion select Members based on their demographics to undertake a specific survey.

Qualification and redemption of Rewards

  1. Each survey uploaded for completion will be allocated a certain number of Points, unless otherwise specified. You must complete the survey in its entirety and in accordance with any instructions provided in the email to be eligible to earn the Points.
  2. The number of Points allocated to a survey may vary and will be determined at our sole discretion.
  3. Your Members Account will store and accumulate the Points that you've earned and will be accessible only by you via your login details.
  4. The Points can only be used to redeem the Reward.
  5. The Reward is a WISH eGift Card that will have a specified expiry date.
  6. The Reward may not be used after the specified expiry date and any balance remaining in the Reward not used prior to the expiry will not be re-credited as Points to your Members Account.
  7. One Point is worth the equivalent of $1AUS of WISH eGift Cards.
  8. You can choose to redeem your Points instantly, to a minimum value of a $5 WISH eGift Card, or accrue your points in your Members Account for redemption at a later date.
  9. The Reward will only be redeemable in the following values:
    1. 5 Points redeemable for a $5 Wish eGift Card;
    2. 10 Points redeemable for a $10 WISH eGift Card
    3. 20 Points redeemable for a $20 WISH eGift Card; and
    4. 50 Points redeemable for a $50 WISH eGift Card.
  10. You can redeem your Reward through your Members Account. Your Account will display your account balance value in Points. To redeem a WISH eGift card, click on the value icon and select 'Redeem.' The WISH eGift Card will be sent to your registered email address. You can either download a PDF of the WISH eGift Card by clicking on the link provided in the email, print and present at any participating store(s) or shop online at their online stores and use the pin provided in your PDF at the checkout.
  11. The Points and the Reward are not transferrable or redeemable for cash or other goods or services.
  12. You cannot cancel a redeemed Reward nor can you return a Reward to obtain a re-credit of the relevant Points.
  13. The minimum value of each survey will be 5 Points, unless otherwise specified.
  14. The Points can be accumulated up to a maximum number of 200 Points. You will be notified by email if you reach the limit and instructed to redeem a Reward. If you've reached this limit, you will no longer be invited to participate in surveys until you've reduced your accumulated Points to below or equal to 100 Points.
  15. You may only commence redeeming your Points once you have reached 5 Points.
  16. Where unforeseen circumstances arise beyond our control, please allow up to one week for the administration of your Reward.
  17. Members cannot transfer any Points to any other person or Member.
  18. All Rewards will have an expiry date attached to them and this will be notified to you in the email upon the provision of the WISH eGift Card. Your Reward will be valid for a minimum of 3 months.
  19. All Rewards are subject to restrictions imposed from time to time by the supplier of the Rewards. For full terms and conditions please visit everydaygiftcards.com.au.
  20. We are not responsible or liable if for any reason beyond our reasonable control any part of the redeemed Reward is not provided, becomes unavailable, is lost, stolen or deleted from the Members email for any reason.
  21. We do not accept any responsibility for any variation to the redeemed Reward or its value and we will not be liable for any changes to the expiry date of the Reward, cancellation of the Reward or any other change to the Reward that may prevent the Member from using the Reward or any part of it.
  22. We accept no responsibility for any late, lost, misdirected, corrupted or incomplete surveys submitted by the Power Panel Member.
  23. Woolworths Limited ABN 88 000 014 675 is the issuer of the WISH eGift Card and not the promoter of the offer, nor responsible for fulfilment of the offer terms. For WISH eGift Card terms and conditions see everydaygiftcards.com.au.

Storage of your personal information

  1. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Collection Statement.
  2. We will be collecting your personal information for the purposes of the Power Panel membership and for the selection of Members for specific surveys in accordance with Evoenergy's Privacy Policy available here.
  3. The collection of your personal information is not required by law, however is required for the purposes of becoming an Evoenergy Power Panel Member.
  4. If you have not provided all personal information required in the setup of your account, we may at our sole discretion refuse membership and/or not provide you with surveys to be completed.
  5. The Evoenergy Power Panel is hosted and stored by Toluna USA and Evoenergy will disclose your personal information to Toluna USA as required for the purposes of the Power Panel.
  6. Your personal information will be stored under Amazon Web Services in the EU.

Evoenergy's discretion

  1. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or discontinue the Evoenergy Power Panel or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you.
  2. Should the Evoenergy Power Panel be discontinued and you have accumulated Points in your Members Account, at the date of discontinuance you will be notified and provided a timeframe to redeem these Points. If the Points have not been redeemed in accordance with the specified timeframe they will be forfeited by you. The notification in this clause will be deemed delivered on the day and time sent to the Members registered email address.
  3. We may, at any time, change these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion without any prior notice to you.

Complaints Handling

  1. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any queries or complaints please call 13 14 93 or go to our website evoenergy.com.au. Please refer to our complaints handling procedure for more information on how we handle complaints.

Opting out

  1. If at any time you decide to cancel your membership and cease participation in the Evoenergy Power Panel, you will need to email your cancellation notice to admin@evoenergypanel.com.au or click the unsubscribe hyperlink on the Power Panel website. Your data and account will become inactive and we will cease to communicate with you.